In 2017, Kingdom Builders Construction will have completed over $28,000 of subsidized home and building repairs for senior citizens, low-income families, community centers, and small churches.  

“I am the principal of a school in North Philadelphia, and we use an old church building.  I have hired numerous construction companies, installers, and handymen of all trades over the years, and I can honestly say that working with Kingdom Builders Construction was wonderful.  From the first walk through to the final touches, Ed, Jay, Alex, and the crew were among the best we have ever had working on our building — in absolutely every way.  Ed and Jay were knowledgeable and took their time to make sure everything was understood before beginning the project (measure twice…three times…sometimes four, cut once).  KBC worked with me to make sure the work was done during our extremely tight timeline.  All of the work was done with care and precision.  The doors look great (I have NEVER had so many people who see a finished construction project in our building give me so many compliments).  Most importantly, the doors help create a safer environment for our students.  KBC did all of this while staying completely on budget according to their estimate.

The most noteworthy aspect of Kingdom Builders’ work, however, is the quality of their employees.  The staff were among the best that we have ever had in the building — courteous, kind, generous, approachable, and hard working.  I cannot say enough about their character — just excellent.  They also bent over backward to get the job done well (Ed even worked right up until his wedding!). The crew came out on Saturdays and sometimes put in 12+hour days in order to adhere to our super-limited timeline.  From the beginning of the process, it was clear that KBC wanted the job and knew they could produce.  And they did.  I trusted them at every step along the way.  Without a doubt, KBC will by my very first call the next time we are looking at a construction project.”

-Kevin Deane, Principal, Hunting Park Christian School

“Kingdom Builders Construction recently renovated my bathroom.  The floor, walls, and shower were in very bad shape and needed to be repaired.  I am a widow who is living on a fixed income and did not have all of the funds to pay for the repair. Kingdom Builders was willing to help with the resources for me to get the renovations completed.  I was extremely pleased with how professional, polite and hardworking they were. I am very satisfied with the work of Kingdom Builders and happy to see the finished work.  I am thankful to Kingdom Builders for their generosity and hard work.”

-Chickie Marrero, Philadelphia, PA


“Kingdom Builders are truly a blessing. I had the pleasure of connecting with them, by way of a relative. They have been an absolute source of help to me and my family, and have taken the time and effort to help people live better and feel dignified. People such as myself, who would not be able to afford these services. I can’t thank them enough! Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to them. They are wonderful and caring people who make people feel like all hope is not lost and I wish them great success in all their future projects and may God bless them, each and every way! We need more like them.”

-The Johnson Family, Philadelphia, PA