Volunteer Information

Recently, a group of volunteers from Manheim Brethren in Christ Church came to North Philadelphia to help a neighbor. Her pipes burst and she had water throughout her first floor and 8-10 inches in her basement.  She had no heat as her furnace was broken and she had no money to repair it.  She also had a large hole in her roof which she said had been repaired by a”roofer” but the job was not properly done. The volunteers removed damaged ceilings, flooring, and walls in preparation for repairing and replacing pipes. KBC had the furnace repaired and will have part of her roof replaced as well as the broken pipes. We will also need to replace the demoed ceiling, walls, and floor.  

One aspect of the ministry of Kingdom Builders Construction (KBC) is to host mission trips. We take the energy and passion of volunteers and put it to work building up God’s kingdom in Philadelphia. Professional carpenters and volunteer coordinators train youth to renovate, maintain, and repair homes of senior citizens and low-income families as well as church buildings in the city.

Interested? Visit our Mission Trip page see photos and read about the experiences of previous volunteers. And of course, feel free to contact us at kbcphilly@gmail.com at (267) 281-3731 for more information.

When you decide that you want to come and be part of our project, here are some forms you might find useful:

Worksite Regulations

Waiver of Liability

Permission Slip

Medical Form

Emergency Contact Form